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Blue Ribbon Coin Conditioner

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Model No.: BL-RIB

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Coin Conditioner

As with cleaning coins, proceed with extreme caution before deciding which coin conditioner to use, if any.

Conditioners offer brightening and protection to coins, and can improve the appearance of your collection, especially copper. However, we suggest that you consult with our resident experts before selecting a coin cleaner or conditioner if you’re unsure of your choice, because some conditioners can darken or change the color of certain coins. Practice first with your less valuable coins.

Wizard’s seasoned coin gurus also recommend perusing our selection of coin books, which will provide collectors of all levels with a deeper education in the practice of cleaning or conditioning coins.

Blue Ribbon Coin Conditioner – Get it While it Lasts

Get your Blue Ribbon coin conditioner now, while you can! This top of the line coin conditioner is no longer in production, but our resident wizards used their magic powers to obtain some of the last few bottles made. Copper fans love this stuff! Blue Ribbon coin conditioner removes dirt and off-color markings, leaving your copper coins with a natural luster and a protective film.

Coin Conditioning Can Enhance Coins’ Natural Beauty

Coin conditioning must be undertaken with care, but with the proper products and careful practice, it is possible to enhance the look of some of your coins.

After you have done your research on the process of how to clean coins and condition them properly, Wizard Coin Supply offers a variety of conditioners to suit different types of metals.

If you love copper, try Wizard’s Coin Care, which leaves your copper coins bright and naturally beautiful.

We also carry brighteners, darkeners, toners, and coin dips to aid you in bringing out the beauty of your collection. As true numismatic enthusiasts, we want to help you to make the best choice in these products to ensure that you are improving, not diminishing, the quality of your precious coins.

Size: 2 fluid ounces

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