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Cherry Picker's Guide to Die Varities, Vol I

SKU: 11803
Model No.: 0794822851
Author / Editor: Bill Fivaz; J.T. Stanton
ISBN 10: 0794822851
ISBN 13: 9780794822859

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Cherry Picker’s Guide to Die Varieties

One of America's most popular coin books, the Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties, Volume I, is now available in an updated Fifth Edition. Volume I covers all United States series from half cents through nickels. The book is a result of many years of cumulative research and finessing by the lead authors, Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, in cooperation with many collectors, scholars, dealers, and others in the numismatic community. It presents information unavailable in any other single source.

Everything you ever wanted to know about rare die varieties can be found in the Cherry Picker’s Guide to Die Varieties book series. With volumes I and II, you’ll find a comprehensive guide for how to “cherry-pick,” or sift through collections of normal-looking coins and find rare, sometimes valuable die variaties.

This is what some collectors live for; the chance to find a rare variety among seemingly ordinary collections. Find doubled or tripled dies, repunched or misaligned mint marks, overdates, or other die varieties. The Cherry Picker books not only explain what to look for, it shows you in high-resolution detail with large, close-up photographs of even the smallest of unusual marks you might findůso you know precisely what to look for while “picking.”

There’s a reason this book has taken the numismatic world by storm and become a best-seller. Its user-friendly format, easy how-to instructions and clear photographs make it one of the most popular coin booksever written on the topic.

Cherry Picker’s Coin Guide Book, a Collector’s Must-Have

The second volume of The Cherry Picker’s guide book for finding rare die varieties includes face values of ten-cent coins and up. You’ll be surprised to see many rare die varieties of coins from the 1970s, 1980s, and up to the present. You may have one of these rare pieces in your pocket change!

We recommend purchasing an high quality coin magnifier if you plan to get serious about cherry-picking through your collection, because while the large photos in these fantastic books make it easy to pinpoint the die variaties, your coins are much smaller and it may be difficult to find smaller mint mark errors and the like.

Many collectors, both novices and experienced veterans have told us that their copies of the Cherry Picker’s series are so well loved they’re dog-eared. Don’t hesitate to pick up these collectors’ favorites today – they’re a must-have for any coin enthusiast’s library.
Binding: Hidden Spiral
Edition: 5th
Publication Date: December 10, 2008
Size: 6x9
Pages: 352

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