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Copper Quotes

SKU: 10300
Model No.: CQR
Author / Editor: Jack H. Robinson

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Copper Quotes by Robinson
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Copper Quotes by Robinson is the price guide of choice for EACers (Early American Copper collectors). Robinson has been publishing his unique price guide since 1983 affectionately called CQR by early copper collectors. It is the only published price guide for early American Copper using EAC standards for grading.

EAC grading starts with an evaluation of the condition of the coin (Choice, Average or "Scudzy"). Then the sharpness grade is determined. Finally, the Net Grade is calculated by using the Sharpness Grade and deducting points for defects. Robinson and other contributors to the guide review sales prices of thousands of copper coins and additionally evaluated their condition in putting together this price guide. Prices are given by date and variety for Half Cents from 1793 to 1857 and Large Cents from 1793 to 1857. Extrapolations are made to grades that have not been represented in recent sales. In the end, through the process outlined by Robinson, the CQR user is able to determine an approximate market value for any early American copper coin.

In addition to prices for early American coppers, this book is sprinkled with Robinson's advice for collectors, descriptions of condition levels (Choice, Average or "Scudzy"), EAC grading standards, rarity factors for copper coins, condition census, and the history and mission of CQR. For an idea of what a pricing page looks, like see the sample page above.
Binding: Spiral bound paperback
Edition: 20th
Publication Date: May 2011
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 123

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