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Discount Postage -- $24.50 Face Value -- 50 Letters

SKU: 99998
Model No.: STAMPS

MSRP: $24.50
Our Price: $21.99

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Save money and decorate your envelopes with these old unused United States postage stamps. Whether you are paying bills or sending notes the old fashioned "snail mail" way, save a little money with these stamps. You'll get $24.50 in face value. That's enough to send 50 first class letters (under one ounce in weight). To make it easy for you we'll send stamps that easily add up to 49 cents. For example, we could send you fifty 29c stamps and fifty 20c stamps. Use one of each to get to 46c. You'll get a nice assortment of colorful stamps. Each group is likely to include singles and plate blocks. Some lots have sheets and others have strips from rolls of stamps. All are fully gummed so all you have to do is "lick and stick".

If you are mailing something heavier like wedding or graduation invitations that need more postage, let us know and we'll customize a lot of any amount you need!

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