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Early Quarter Dollars Of The United States Mint 1796-1838

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Author / Editor: Rory R. Rea; Dr. Glenn Peterson; Bradley S. Karoleff; John J. Kovach, Jr.
ISBN 13: 9780578072890
UPC: 9780578072890

Spiral Bound




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Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint 1796-1838 is the culmination of over a decade of research by the authors into the early quarters from the first US Mint. Rory has spent countless hours photographing many of the most amazing examples in existence. The authors have included quick attribution tips to assist the collector in rapidly identifying the die marriage of his quarters. They have also included history vignettes to put the issuance of the coins into perspective.

Many other features are also included in this work including an introduction by John McCloskey, a history of Ard Browning by Carl Herkowitz, comments on the E and L counter stamps and notes on the Browning Plate Coins by Ted McAuley, W. David Perkins, Rory Rea and Eric P. Newman, followed by the pedigree of the known Browning Plate Coins. A dedication to Charlton "Swampy" Meyer, the only collector to complete a 1796-1838 quarter marriage set, is next. Bust quarter errors and counter marked quarters are covered in the following two sections. Finally, they have also listed the quarters present in the Smithsonian Collection and the American Numismatic Society Collection.
Binding: Hardback or Spiral Bound Paperback
Edition: 1388

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