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Frame-A-Coin Single Pocket Holders - 2x2

SKU: 215001
Model No.: 28A

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Pocket Coin Holders

Coin Safety is Easy with Single Pocket Holders

Single Pocket coin holders are an inexpensive and convenient way to store and transport your coins. Crystal clear soft vinyl holds your coins and allows for easy viewing while reducing unnecessary handling.

Frame-A-Coin makes vinyl pocket holders in a variety of sizes to accommodate different coins, all with a tuck-in flap to close the pocket. They are available in packs of 100 or bulk boxes of 1000.

Over time polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, can degrade, exposing your valuable coins to gases like hydrochloric acid. If this is a concern, choose mylar flips instead.

22 Coin Holders, the Collector’s Favorite

2×2 coin holders are one of the most common ways to keep coins safe and easily viewable. Wizard Coin Supply offers a wide variety of types and sizes of these popular holders.

Constructed of cardboard, the holders offer viewing from both front and back. Many brands have self-adhesive closures which seal in the coin, protecting it from outside elements. Choose the size you need for particular coins, or select a variety pack like Supersafe’s Master Assortment box, which comes with 50 holders for each of the 10 available coin sizes – 500 holders in all.

For added safety and longevity, check out the Intercept Shield 2×2 holder, made of clear non-PVC plastic and a protective Intercept-Shield core.

You can rest easy knowing that your pocket holders, 2×2 coin holders, and all of your other essential coin collection supplies are sure to be the lowest prices anywhere. In fact, we guarantee it.

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Frame-A-Coin Single Pocket Holders - 2x2
Cowen's Mylar Cardboard Flips - 2x2 - Half Dollar Size

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