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Kointain - Ring Style - 22.4mm

SKU: 271551
Model No.: 22.4mm

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The Kointain, a two-piece capsule for coins, was invented in the late 1940s by Dr. Francis Epps. After researching all the known methods of numismatic storage, Dr. Epps concluded that none were satisfactory. He employed the services of a research chemist and designed a new type of coin holder that used a safe and impervious plastic. Kointains are convex so as to touch the coin only on its edges. Held at arm's length, a coin in a Kointain does not appear to be in any holder at all! Kointains are used by the Smithsonian Institution for the National Numismatic Collection and by the American Numismatic Association for the ANA Money Museum. Today, Kointains are produced and packaged by E & T Kointainer Co. under strict conditions to prevent contamination by dust, oil and grease.
Direct fit Kointains come in a variety of the most popular sizes. For other coins, ring style Kointains consist of a direct fit capsule plus an inert ring that reduces the diameter size of the capsule to match that of the coin. Sold in bags of 10 or 50.
Size: 22.4mm
Fits: Half Cents 1793 (some may require 23mm), Twenty Cent Pieces, $4 Gold, $5 Gold 1829-1840, 1/4 ounce Gold and Platinum American Eagles (loose fit) and other 22.4mm coins

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Kointain - Ring Style - 22.4mm
Kointain - Direct Fit - 30.6mm (Half Dollar)

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