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Lao Coins and Currency

SKU: 12920
Model No.: 9786048607609
Author / Editor: Howard A. Daniel III
ISBN 10: 6048607601
ISBN 13: 9786048607609
UPC: 9786048607609

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This catalog is an important reference for the collectors of Lao coins and paper money, and to students of Lao economics, banking and currencies. It describes all of the known legal tender coins and paper money from the 16th century to date. For the first time, the early silver and copper ingots are cataloged by date, marks and weight. The cataloged pieces includes coins, paper money, tokens, bullion, patterns, proofs, essais, counterfeits, replicas, fantasies, medals, reply coupons, telephone cards, stocks, lottery tickets, and the holders and boxes many of the pieces were issued. There are pieces in this catalog that have never before been illustrated and/or cataloged in any other reference. Besides the detailed information about most of the pieces, there is also historical and economic background information. All of the pieces are shown in color and it is the first comprehensive catalog ever published about Lao numismatics. All values are shown in US Dollars.
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: 2014
Size: 7x10
Pages: 233

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