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Lighthouse Vibrating Coin Cleaning Machine

SKU: 55252
Model No.: 317590
Alternate Model No.: VBR1
UPC: 4004117296093

MSRP: $39.95
Our Price: $33.96

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Portable vibration cleaner for coins, medals, clocks and many other items. Provides for a gentle clean. Comes with small brush and removable basket. Operates on four AA batteries (not included).
Operating Instructions:
1. Place the batteries in the compartment. (4xAA, each 1.5V)
2. Open up the lid and fill the vibration cleaner’s transparent basin with a cleaning fluid, e.g. water. The fluid level should not exceed the white rim of the base.
3. Place your items in the basket provided and then immerse this in the cleaning fluid.
4. Now close the lid and switch the device on.
5. Once the cleaning process is complete, switch the device off once more and open the lid. Only remove your items once the device has been switched off. Check your items regularly.
6. Once you have finished using the vibration cleaner, dispose of the cleaning fluid in an appropriate manner and rinse the device out with water. Now dry the device carefully with a cloth.

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Lighthouse Vibrating Coin Cleaning Machine
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