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Metal SAFE

SKU: 55315
Model No.: SAFE

MSRP: $19.00
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Coins may tone over time from oxygen or airborne pollutants. Metal SAFE vapor corrosion inhibitor prevents this toning. Metal Safe emits an odorless vapor that permeates coin holders. When Metal SAFE vapor contacts metal, it lays down an invisible barrier that protects, but does not coat, clean or change coins. The protective effect disappears once the coin is removed from the storage area.

Metal SAFE works with with all types f coinage metals, and all coin holders, even slabs. Metal SAFE will protect silverware, fishing tackle or tools -- anything made of metal. It works at any humidity level. One Metal SAFE capsule protects 33 cubic feet (two foot radius) for one year. Each box contains two capsules.

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Metal SAFE

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