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Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Coins

SKU: 12215
Model No.: 0889683549
Author / Editor: W. K. Cross
ISBN 10: 0889683549
ISBN 13: 9780889683549
UPC: 9780889683549

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The 67th edition Canadian Coins, Volume One, includes all coins which have been used as circulating legal tender in Canada from 1858 to 2012. It is the fourth catalogue published based solely on Canada’s circulating coinage (business strike). Over one hundred and fifty years of Canadian coins are listed, illustrated and priced. More than one hundred different varieties, throughout the seven denominations, are illustrated with macro images for ease of identification. The Silver Dollar Variety Section of the 66th edition has been replaced in the 67th edition with a new section on the Nickel Dollar Varieties of 1968-1987. Over a span of 20 years this series produced over twenty double die varieties, the greatest number currently recorded for any series. A total of 83 varieties are illustrated, plus many more when you include the different finishes. This is the first time the four finishes (circulation, brilliant uncirculated [PL], specimen, and proof) have been specifically listed as part of the variety designation.

As in past editions some of the more interesting varieties of the previously featured denomination (silver dollars) have been moved forward to the main section of the book. This year four new polishing varieties, 1975 (1), 1976 (1) and 1977 (2), have been added to the basic listings.

A completely revised Test Token Section is included in the 67th edition. This is one of the more difficult categories in which to gather information, and it was only through two old collections becoming available that this revision was possible. Included in the Test Token Section are Concept Test Tokens, now expanded to 17 different varieties.

Naturally, all prices in the 67th edition have been revised and all listings expanded to accommodate the new issues. Prices across the board for all lower grade silver and gold coins are now supported by the rising tide of the precious metals market.
Binding: Spiral
Edition: 67th
Publication Date: September 4, 2012
Size: 7x9
Pages: 352

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Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Coins
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