The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars
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The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars

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AUTHOR/EDITOR: Q. David Bowers
ISBN 13: 9780794844110
ISBN 10: 0794844111
EAN: 9780794844110
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In the fifth edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, Q. David Bowers offers an engaging portrait of the country’s most popular classic coin. You'll learn what to look for when you buy, how to grade your coins, how to cherrypick varieties, and ways to become a smarter collector.

The pricing, text, and certified population data have been edited and updated. New research covers counterfeit error coins and other topics, including a numismatic bombshell: recent discoveries and photographs revealing the previously unknown 1964 Morgan silver dollar.

“The world of collecting Morgan dollars is full of the kind of historical intrigue that makes up any legend,” said professional numismatist Adam Crum in his foreword, “with roots reaching deep into the mines of the Comstock Lode and into the minds of numismatic scholars and collectors alike.”

The fifth edition includes a history of the silver dollar dating back to the 1790s, and chapters on the Morgan dollar’s design, its minting process, the five mints that struck the coin from 1878 to 1921, and Treasury hoards and other accumulations. Collectors benefit from advice on ways to collect Morgan dollars; grading and the marketplace; and how to specialize in die varieties. The book’s year-by-year catalog is an analysis by date and mintmark of more than 100 coins in the series, priced in up to eleven circulated grades and three levels of Proof. Appendices offer further study of Morgan dollar patterns and error and misstruck coins.

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 5th
Publication Date: October 2016
Size: 6x9
Pages: 302

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