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U.S Coins Close Up

SKU: 10165
Model No.: W7621
Author / Editor: Robert R. Van Ryzin
ISBN 10: 1440229821
ISBN 13: 9781440229824

MSRP: $17.99
Our Price: $13.49

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The best way to know whether or not a coin is genuine is to understand what a genuine coin looks like. And a picture is worth a thousand words which is what makes U.S Coins Close Up a must-have. With the advent of online coin sales and the flood of counterfeit coins from China, collectors are increasingly wary about the authenticity of coins. This visual guide to U.S. coins shows collectors how to identify a genuine coin from an altered or one variety from another. This is an ideal product for anyone looking for a handy, portable guide to identifying genuine U.S. coins. Features include:
  • Clear details of inscriptions, mintmarks, and initials with tips and explanations on how to distinguish major from minor varieties.
  • Hundreds of large, impressive images highlighting key areas of genuine U.S. coins.
  • Detailed descriptions of coin varieties, a glossary of numismatic terms, and meanings behind the images on the coins.
Author and renowned numismatist Robert R. Van Ryzin takes a keen and careful look at U.S. coins, with in-depth denomination overviews, highlights of remarkable coins and an extended glossary of terms and features. No matter your level of expertise, this invaluable resource will leave you more knowledgeable and better prepared to spot that carefully altered coin and save you from making an expensive mistake.
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: April 12, 2012
Size: 7.4x5.4
Pages: 256

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