Authoritative Reference on  Lincoln Cents
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Authoritative Reference on Lincoln Cents

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The first edition of this book was published in 1996 and sold out quickly. It received the 1996 NLG U.S. Best Coin Book of the year award. The primary purpose of this book was to create a complete and comprehensive reference for the Lincoln Cent series including all major die varieties, history, hub changes, collecting, historical documents, and hot topic covering unusual varieties in this series such as the 1958 doubled dies, 1969S doubled die, 1922 Plain, 1943 Copper, 1944 Steel, 1959-D Wheat Back Reverse, 1974 Aluminum cent, and the true counts for the 1909 VDB Proof cents.

The die variety section of the book was completely updated for the second edition. This includes many new doubled dies and RPMs (repunched mint marks) and a revised analysis of the Lincoln cent OMMs (over mint marks). The pricing, description, die markers, and photographs were updated for most of the varieties. For each die variety listed, detailed macro photos make identification much easier. Most of the varieties include multiple photographs showing different details. Some varieties contain over 10 photographs. Included also for each variety is a detailed description of the variety, diagnostics, including die markers such as die cracks, scratches, clashes which can make identifying the variety easier, pricing and cross references.

Many new archive letters were uncovered relative to the Lincoln cents and are included in this second edition. This greatly helped in the analysis of the history section which was greatly expanded. The How Die Varieties Are Made section was expanded to include an analysis of modern doubled dies created from the single-squeeze hubbing process. The Lincoln Cent Hub Changes section was updated to include all of the modern day changes. For each hub change, enlarged photos show the before and after of the design changes with a detailed description of the differences. A section on Grading Lincoln Cents is included with detailed photographs and descriptions for each grade.

This book also contains sections from experts in the Lincoln Cent series, including:

  • Grading Lincoln Cents written by Michael Fahey from ANACS;
  • A section on Authenticating Lincoln Cents by JP Martin;
  • A section on Questions and Answers with Frank Gasparro, the designer of the Lincoln Cent Memorial reverse.;
  • What Are Trail Dies by BJ Neff;
  • The Ubiquitous Lincoln Cent by Michael Sadler;
  • An Analysis of Brown and Red Brown Lincoln Cents by Jaime Herandez;
  • Understanding Striking Characteristics on Lincoln Cents by Jaime Herandez; and
  • An Analysis of Close and Wide AM Lincoln Cents by Jaime Herandez.
The Lincoln Cent Pattern and Die Trials section contains a detailed study of the 1942 experimental cents and a detailed study on the 1974 Aluminum and Bronze-clad Steel Cent, including photographs the Smithsonian Institute specimen.

The Lincoln cent Transitional Errors includes one of the most comprehensive studies of the 1943 Bronze Cents and 1944 Steel Cents including updated pricing and population counts.

The Hot Topics section contains:

  • A section on the 1910-S VDB Lincoln Cent;
  • A detailed study on the 1922 No D Cents including detailed photographs and descriptions of all three dies with updates on prices realized and population counts;
  • A section on the 1955 doubled die;
  • An in depth research on the 1958 Doubled Die Lincoln Cents of which three are known;
  • A section on the 1959-D Wheat Back Reverse including photographs;
  • A detailed study on the 1969-S doubled die obverse, including why several were confiscated and held by the United States Secret Service;
  • A section on the 1990 No S Proof Lincoln Cent.
For most of these, population counts and prices realized were included, as well as updated research.
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2nd
Publication Date: December 2009
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 446

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