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Conserv Solvent


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In 1990, at a dental products manufacturing company, a unique new liquid was developed with the specific purpose of removing impurities from plastic and metal surfaces. As part of a technical surface preparation process, the aim of the product was to cleanse the surfaces of rigid molds prior to the pouring of refractory high-heat silicates.

Upon release of this product, a highly regarded numismatist who worked at the company, found that not only did this liquid remove surface dirt, impurities, gums, grease, varnish, inks, etc., but it also quickly removed surface PVC (polyvinyl chloride) from coins as well! Not only did the liquid rinse away the PVC, but it did not disturb the metal in any way! Surface “toning” was left completely intact while contaminants were rinsed off with ease. After repeated tests on different metals and on many surface problem coins, especially those with slime, darkened ash, dirt, and wet or dry PVC, the liquid removed residues consistently while leaving the original coin surfaces undisturbed... a collector’s dream remedy!

Since the discovery of the cleansing effect this liquid has on coins, the numismatist proceeded to use this liquid treatment before sending off coins for "slabbing" to the certification services… always undetectable… continuously… for the last 24 years! Now, after many years of successful use and aiding fellow collectors/dealers with this great product, the developer and manufacturer have agreed to allow its sale to the coin collecting industry.

Note that cleaning even with a safe substance like Conserv can still damage coins if done improperly. Be sure to follow instructions with the product and try on inexpensive coins until you are comfortable moving to more expensive ones.

For more information, see this instructional flyer from the manufactuer or review the manufacturer's website (includes a video).

Sizes: 2, 4, 8 and 64 fluid ounce bottles
Safety Data Sheet: Safety Data Sheet

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