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Intercept Shield 2X2 Holders 20.5mm (Shield Nickels)


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Available in many popular sizes, these 2X2 holders with an Intercept Shield core are ideal for raw coins. Intercept Shield cores are 2-inch by 2-inch clear, non-PVC plastic holders with a protective Intercept Shield core. Both the obverse and the reverse of the coin are visible. These 2X2 holders come in packs of three. To get double protection, store them in the Intercept Shield 2x2 box (sold separately). Intercept Shield acts as a neutralizing agent cleansing the air around the coin protecting it from the harmful effects of corrosion.
Note: The three-packs of this size have sold out. However, we have obtained a few left over 20.5mm cores from Intercept and will sell them in groups of three bundled with a 3-pack of some other size. When you open the holders to put the coins in, replace the existing core with the 20.5mm cores shipped in this bundle.
Fits: Shield Nickels 1866-1883 and other 20.5mm coins.

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