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FACTORY SECONDS: Intercept Shield 2x2 Storage Box


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These Intercept Shield boxes are specially made to hold the 2X2 Intercept Shield holders but also works great for other holders that are 2x2 inches outer dimension (standard coin industry size). Each box is constructed of acid-free and sulfur-free high grade materials and lined with Intercept Shield. This handsome box will hold thirty-four 2X2 Intercept Holders (2X2 Holders are sold separately). Intercept Shield acts as a neutralizing agent cleansing the air around the coin protecting it from the harmful effects of corrosion. This box measures 2" by 2-7/8" by 9-3/4".

Note that these boxes are factory seconds (defective) boxes.  The intercept lining inside the box and lid was not attached properly to the box.  As a result it is loose and wrinkled in some places.  The white wrap around the outside of the box folds over to the inside preventing it from coming completely out.  Despite the unsightly look, the Intercept Shield functionality is still effective to product coins inside the box.  We priced these to be competitive with non-Intercept Shield 2x2 storage boxes.  That means Intercept Shield functionality comes at no extra cost in exchange for accepting the loose/wrinkled lining.

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