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US Mint Album Half Cents, 1793-1857
$18.95 $14.21
US Mint Album Lincoln Memorial Cents, 1959-Date
$22.95 $17.21
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US Mint Album Quarters Plain
$20.95 $15.71
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US Mint Coin Albums

Simply put, US Mint coin albums offer the most comprehensive selection of coin albums out there. There are eight choices in albums for cents alone! If you collect a certain type of coin, the US Mint has an album to showcase it in. Each US Mint album has a distinctive blue and gray look, and contains extensive historical information about each denomination.

The albums are manufactured by the folks who make Whitman coin albums, so you know you’re purchasing a top-quality product. Whitman knows coins, and understands collectors. All albums are made of archival-safe materials, and are ideal for long-term storage and display.

If you collect Presidential dollars, the US Mint album created for these special coins allows for both Philadelphia and Denver mints, and contains detailed facts about each President – the back cover features quotations from these famous leaders. The coins are housed within clear, two-sided slots for easy double-sided viewing which can be easily opened for adding or removing coins.

Stock up on your US Mint albums today, with Wizard Coin Supply’s lowest price guarantee. You won’t find better coin collection supplies at lower prices anywhere. Our customers know this, but that’s only one of the reasons you keep coming back to us. You know that we’re just as fascinated by coins as you are – we’re collectors ourselves, and we don’t recommend any numismatic product that we wouldn’t use for our own prized collections.

The US Mint albums have every feature a coin enthusiast could want – which makes them truly a collector’s album.