Stereo Microscopes

Numismatic Microscopes

Discover a clearer picture of all your coins with advanced numismatic microscopes. View coins with a top quality stereo microscope for exceptionally clear optics. Magnification ranges vary from 7x to 45x, or from 10x to 30x, depending upon the model. Zoom in with either hand thanks to side-mounted controls. Additional benefits include widefield eyepieces and generous working distances. Dealers who are evaluating large numbers of coins, and collectors learning to examine coins, can use this numismatic tool to help identify mint marks, overstrikes, and double dies. They’ll also get a better idea of the condition of the coin’s surface. We have a cost-effective stereo microscope built for durability and optical clarity. This quality instrument allows you to choose between top, bottom or dual illumination as you search for errors. Rely on our wizardry to bring you the latest numismatic microscopes, scales, and other coin equipment for less!

Inspect Collections and Detect Details with Coin Stereo Microscopes

Our exciting selection of Coin Stereo Microscopes opens up a whole new world of investigation. These low power microscopes are ideal for coin collecting. Our zoom stereo models provide users with a range of magnifications. The stereoscopic aspect provides a three-dimensional effect and depth perception. The high-tech trinocular model adds access to photography applications with digital cameras. Capture images of small details for review and research. Inspect and detect! Counterfeit detection can also be improved with coin stereo microscopes. Anyone with an interest in rare coins should consider the benefits of investing in a coin microscope. Especially at our prices! Whether you’re a collector or dealer, you’ll want tools to simplify assessments. Browse our broad range of equipment, including testing supplies, which help determine and safeguard coin values.