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The CDN Monthly Greysheet -- Single Issue


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The Monthly Greysheet includes pricing for nearly every U.S. coin, as well as modern China issues in a single 116+ page full-color magazine.  The Monthly Greysheet is full of the latest wholesale market information for collectible U.S. coins and considered a must have by dealers, investors, and serious collectors worldwide.  The Monthly Greysheet is a must have for all coin and currency professionals, and fills a very special need in the coin business: current, accurate wholesale information on the BID level of U.S. coins. Bid is the estimated amount that one dealer is willing to pay another dealer to purchase a needed coin.

CDN Publishing, the publisher of The Monthly Greysheet was established in 1963 with the mission of providing accurate, unbiased pricing for the coin industry.  Their staff consists of well-respected members of the numismatic community, some who are former dealers and coin or currency experts. The pricing staff is a team of independent professionals and market journalists. 

As the Greysheet started as a publication for dealers, the magazine assumes that the readers know how to grade; if they know the grade of the coin, the Monthly Greysheet gives them the current price.  As the grading definitions changed over the years, the Greysheet changed to reflect appropriate prices for Bids using the new definitions. Presenting tens of thousands of prices accurately every day requires the cooperation of many people. The CDN senior staff has over 100 years of coin business experience, and every day they receive information from hundreds of people trading coins. They also incorporate pricing from the computerized dealer-to-dealer networks and pay special attention to dealers "wanted to buy" lists, as well as auction prices realized.

This single issue, current Monthly Greysheet is a great solution for those only looking for one-time current pricing.  For dealers, investors and advanced collectors who regular need access to current pricing, the Monthly Greysheet is also available as an annual subscriptionSubscribers also get access to Greysheet pricing online and in the mobile ap where pricing is updated every four hours.   Online and in ap pricing is not available with single issue purchases.

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