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Books for Kids
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Those Amazing Coins: A Kid's Guide to Coin Collecting
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Coin Collecting for the Next Generation
List Price: $12.95
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My First Coin Keepsake
List Price: $6.99
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Coin Collecting for Kids
List Price: $19.99
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Kids’ Coin Books

Introduce the younger members of your family to the captivating hobby of coin collecting through Kids’ Coin Books. We have a combination collector’s book and coin album that gives children an opportunity to learn while they begin their collection. Kid-friendly coin books spark children’s interests in the history of old coins and the newer series, such as the Presidential Dollar coins. As children investigate the world of money, they will develop their research skills. Colorful, easy-to-understand books help the younger collector gain interesting information on the coins they acquire, while discovering how to properly store these pieces. We sell both paperback and hardback kids’ coin books at prices that are always magically reduced from the suggested retail price. So you can share a coin book with a young person as the perfect gift that inspires a worthwhile lifetime hobby. For the children who are interested in stamps, we also sell stamp collecting supplies.

Fun Coin Collecting Books for Kids Share Fascinating Facts

Give your child a guide to money. Our coin collecting books for kids include guides that teach the basics of coins and money. They offer informative tips on handling, storing and collecting. Plus they provide fascinating facts and histories. We also have a guide that discusses savings accounts, stocks and bonds. And it’s all presented in a fun to learn fashion. Coin collecting books for kids will pique the curiosity of young investors. Teens may want to dive into our more in-depth books on the history and legends of coins that include color images and price lists. Collecting the unique state and park quarters can be a fun family activity for adults and school age children. Order our state quarter books to embark on this family adventure.

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