Dansco Album 6121: Bust Dime, 1796-1837
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Dansco Coin Albums

The Dansco coin album company excels at combining elegant style with superior function, and their albums are some of the finest in the industry. All of their attractive, well-crafted coin albums feature a brown leatherette binder with classic gold lettering stamped on the front with the type of coin it holds, such as Susan B. Anthony dollars or Jefferson nickels. In addition, the front inside covers contain historical information about each type of coin.

The versatile design of these professional-look albums allows you to easily add or remove pages, or use slip cases instead. Dansco’s comprehensive line of coin albums--larger than any other brand--includes binders for Liberty and Buffalo nickels, Eisenhower dollars, Roosevelt dimes, Presidential dollars, and many others. If there is a coin you love to collect, Dansco’s got an album for you! You can even build your own Dansco album, with blank binders and slip case inserts or add-in pages. If you are looking for replacement pages or update pages for your Dansco Album, just type the album number in the search box to the left.

Dansco albums will appeal to the discerning collector who wants to display fine coins in albums that reflect the meticulous, loving care that goes into a prized collection. You’ll take pride in these top-of-the-line albums and slip cases from one of the best-loved names in the business of coin collection supplies.

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