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Medals and Tokens

Fichas de Colombia
$75.00 $67.49
Patriotic Civil War Tokens 1861-1865
$55.00 $43.99
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U.S. Civil War Store Cards
$100.00 $89.99
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Hard Times Tokens
$25.00 $19.99
So-Called Dollars
$49.50 $37.12
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So-Called Dollars
$7.00 $5.29
Strange Career of Dr. Wilkins
$10.00 $7.99
The Kennedy World in Medallic Art
$19.95 $15.99
Virginia Tokens
$75.00 $75.00
Explosive Control Tokens
$37.50 $29.99
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Medallic Works of John Adams Bolen
$59.00 $49.99
Georgia Trade Tokens
$35.00 $29.99
Merchant Tokens of Washington DC
$40.00 $39.99

US Token Books

We carry the top US Token Books that provide collectors, dealers, and hobbyists with descriptions and pricing information. These specialized coin books explore the primary United States tokens, including the Colonial, Merchant, Hard Times, Transportation, Trade, Civil War, and Gay Nineties Tokens. With a comprehensive US token book, you’ll access background information and vivid photographs on an expansive array of tokens. Our publications, compiled by medal and token experts, trace the history of tokens from colonial days to modern times. The latest editions of American token catalogs cover thousands of tokens and their values. As you conduct research, the detailed illustrations in our guides assist you with identifications. In addition to United States token books, we also have volumes on Canadian tokens. Whether you need an appealing hardcover or in-depth paperback, we specialize in best-selling token books from authorities in the field. Also enjoy spellbinding savings on ancient coin books.

US Medal Books Cover Pricing on American Collectibles

Some of America’s most intriguing collectibles are presented in US Medal Books. Follow American medals and tokens from the 1700s to present day with US Medal Guides. The nation’s medals and tokens have been used for centuries to commemorate special occasions, encourage business, deliver recognition and pay fares. Now, you can order a wide-ranging catalog of official U.S. mint medals, such as the American Revolution bicentennial medal. Learn about America’s medals from a book that covers a variety of pieces in sizes similar to dollar coins. US Medal Books offer a look into America’s exciting history. Written by respected professionals, these books discuss metal varieties and pricing, while supplying summaries and beneficial images. United States Medal Books assist collectors in accurate identifications, smarter acquisitions, and critical preservation.