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Cowens Cardboard Flips

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Cardboard Coin Flips

Popular, easy-to-use and inexpensive cardboard coin flips are the convenient coin storage solution. The flips come in sturdy materials and are sized to fit a variety of coins. With the traditional holders, you simply insert the coins, fold over and staple. The coin is visible from both sides through a clear window. Self-adhesive coin flips offer another option by allowing you to quickly peel off the flip back, insert a coin and then press the backing down to reclose. This eliminates stapling and saves time.

Place your cents, dimes, nickels, and quarters in cardboard coin flips for storage, display and protection. We also stock the half, large and small dollar coin flips. You can conveniently order these cardboard coin holders in bundles of 100, or in cases, at prices that are drastically below the listed retail prices. Order the standard 2×2 flips, or choose coin flips specially sized to reduce storage space and extra weight. We carry the cardboard flips from leading coin storage providers, such as Cowens and Supersafe. You can order products constructed from a heavier cardboard for greater protection. Our holders feature archival and non-reactive linings that provide a perfect covering for the coin. Mylar interiors do not react chemically with coins, yet they still keep moisture and dust away from your collection. Archival holders contain no PVC or additives that might harm coins.

Find the cardboard coin flips to meet all your collecting needs with our selections of 1.5×1.5, 2×2, and 2.5×2.5 size numismatic products. We offer flips made especially for P and D sets, the American Silver Eagle coins, and Crown size coins. Wizard Coin Supply carries everything a collector requires for less, including cardboard coin holders and labeling tools and stickers.