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World Currency

World Paper Money Errors
$34.95 $27.99
World War II Paper Money and Financial Instruments of Nazi Germany
$25.00 $25.00
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The Banknote Yearbook
$50.92 $44.79
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English Paper Money
$40.00 $34.99
Portuguese African Paper Money
$76.50 $67.29
Paper Money of Congo
$180.00 $169.99
Siam Specimen Banknotes First Series
$93.50 $82.29
Siam Specimen Banknotes Second Series
$93.50 $82.29

World Currency Books

Comprehensive world currency books contain thousands of price listings from around the globe. We stock best-selling catalogs that list general issue foreign currency produced from the 14th to the 21st centuries. Take advantage of the convenience of world currency books that allow you to quickly identify and value your paper money collection. If you collect more current notes, we also stock the latest resources to meet your informational needs. Stay up to date on recent issues with new editions of global currency guides. Accuracy in currency identification is critical. Worldwide currency books support your informed decisions with detailed photos and values for various condition grades. Currency from Canada, Mexico and Latin America is efficiently evaluated with our trusted paper money books. If your interest in foreign money extends to printing errors, we also sell books that address this area. Watch for our price-cutting wizardry on a variety of currency products at Wizard Coin Supply.

Make Informed Identifications with World Currency Guides

Your collector’s library should include one or more of our world currency guides. These guides provide beneficial summaries of international currency. Excellent illustrations, photographs, and data on global bank notes are featured in our selection of world currency guides. We have the currency catalogs that assist dealers and collectors of all skill levels with correct identifications, including those for specialized paper money issues. Information on the world’s first paper money, as well as current issues, is accessible in our unique currency guides. These pricing guides from renowned publishers provide data based on extensive analyses. Also consider ordering background books on how coins and currency have been influenced by world events. Find the latest paper money catalogs and your favorite coin brands right here for less!