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5X Magnifying Lamp
$43.99 $37.39
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Tensor Light
$34.95 $29.99
Stanley Gibbons Dual Wave UV Lamp
$259.95 $194.99
Lighthouse Holmes Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp
$59.95 $50.99
Lighthouse Long Wave Ultraviolet Table Lamp
$34.95 $29.69
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Lighthouse Portable Short Wave Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp
$49.95 $42.49
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Coin Lights

No more squinting under dim lighting with Wizard’s coin lights. Using a professional coin light will allow you to examine your coins properly, letting you see all of the details.

The coin lights at Wizard are designed specifically with you in mind. Our 5x coin magnifierlamp is ideal for inspecting intricate details on coins, or for any work involving fine craftwork or detailed painting. Its cool-white light and adjustability of the lamp’s gooseneck mean no more neck strain or eye fatigue, so you can look at your collection for as long as you want.

Find it with our other magnifiers and coin loupes, and feel free to contact our wizards-in-residence to make sure it’s exactly the right illuminating tool for you.

Tensor Lights Illuminate Your Collection

When you need a direct light source to guide your numismatic work, nothing is better than a professional-caliber tensor light. Its full-spectrum lighting simulates sunlight so the colors of your coins and stamps will appear true.

A good quality coin light is an essential part of any collector’s basic supply list, along with other necessities like coin albums, mylar flips, and coin storage boxes. You can’t afford to have eyestrain, but with Wizard’s rock-bottom prices you can afford premium-grade coin collection supplies so you never even have to think about it.