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Novus Polish

Clean your plastics and make them more resistant to smudges and scratches with Novus Polish. Novus is the perfect polish for plastic because it cleans, shines, and protects without abrasives or harsh chemicals. The Novus No. 1 plastic polish gives your coin holders and slabs a gentle cleaning that results in a smooth, non-greasy shine. After applying, plastic coin holders are lustrous and better able to stand up to fingerprints, smudges, dust, scratches and static. Novus scratch remover also is available in two strengths. Novus makes a plastic scratch polish for light or heavy duty abrasion removal. Use Novus No. 2 to remove finer scratches and discolorations from your plastic coin collecting supplies. Follow this removal process with a coat of regular Novus polish for protection. Novus No. 3 takes deeper scratches off acrylic surfaces. After applying this scratch remover, an application of the other acrylic polishes will help seal the surface.

Clean, Polish and Protect with Novus Plastic Polish

Renew your plastic coin supplies for less when you shop with us. We stock Novus Plastic Polish in fine and heavy scratch removal formulas. These polishes buff out fogginess and abrasions in no time. As you transport and display your coins, the acrylic capsules can become scratched, marring a clear view of your coins. Save money on replacement capsules and other holders by keeping each of the Novus plastic polishes on hand for cleaning, shining, and removing scratches. Novus products work on most plastics and lengthen their service life. Even heavy plastic scratches and abrasions can be improved by using the right Novus plastic polish. Enjoy our everyday low price wizardry on coin cleaning supplies and polishes, when you visit our site.