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Dealer Bulletin

Wizard Coin Supply Dealer Bulletin
February 2019

We have had a lot of questions about the impact of Chinese trade tariffs on coin supplies.  The good news is that of the over 100 brands we stock, only 4 have meaningful production in China.  The rest are primarily US or European made.  We have stayed in touch with these four manufacturers since early summer 2018 to understand their planned response to the tariffs.  The first rounds of tariffs on washing machines, steel and aluminum and then $50 billion of assorted Chinese imports had little impact on the coin/stamp supply industry.  But, the expansion last fall of the 10% tariff to an additional $200 billion of Chinese imports did include some items in our industry.  These initial 10% tariffs were for the most part absorbed by the manufacturers to extent their produts were impacted (and in many cases they were not).  The 10% rate was scheduled to increase to 25% on January 1.  This was postponed to March 1 per an agreement between Trump and Xi in late 2018.  Recent news reports are some what positive about a trade deal between the two contries that will avoid the increase to 25% on March 1.  In any event, all of the suppliers have been adamant that they would not be able to absorb 25% tariffs even temporarily.  In our discussions with these suppliers, here is how they plan to handle the issue:

Whitman -- Whitman plans to increase prices on their Chinese made products by about 25% no matter what happens.  Per Whitman, it has been several years since they increased prices and cost pressures of many types (including the tariffs) are necessitating a price increase.  Prices on their Chinese made products are set to go up and will stay at these new levels even if the trade conflict is resolved and tariffs go away.  Not impacted are publishing (books), tubes, Cowens 2x2 flips, Cowens pages, clear snaplock holders and other US made products.  We will adjust our MSRP on these products shortly after Whitman does and the wholesale discount will remain the same but be based on the new MSRP.  See supplier update section below for more details on Whitman's price increase.

Lighthouse -- If tariffs go to 25%, Lighthouse plans to address the issue by reducing the distributor discount on impacted products.  Their catalogs go to press during the summer for a November release and that is the only time they plan to adjust MSRP.  So, their immediate and short term response would be to leave MSRP the same and adjust the price they charge us for the impacted products.  If the dispute is resolved and the tariffs go away, they would return to the normal discount.  If it appears the tariffs would remain in place long term, they would adjust MSRP at the next catalog printing and then return to the normal discount when those price levels go into effect (November).  If Lighthouse reduces the discount to us, we will in turn reduce to discount to our customers.  When they adjust MSRP and return to the standard discount, we will do the same.

BCW -- BCW plans to increase prices on impacted products at the time of impact.  They say they will endeavor to give at least 30 days notice of the price increase but reserve the option to increase prices on shorter notice if necessary.  Prices would be reduced again when tariffs are reduced or go away.  As BCW adjusts their MSRP up or down, we will as well but anticipate maintaining the same wholesale discount.

Transline/Guardhouse -- Transline Guardhouse branded products are almost all made in China.  They plan to increase prices on impacted products as the impact occurs without prior notice.  Prices would be reduced again when tariffs are reduced or go away.  As Guardhouse adjusts their MSRP up or down, we will as well but anticipate maintaining the same wholesale discount.

Now we will move on to some new products we have added since our last Dealer Bulletin.

New Products:

New Coin and Currency Supplies: New Stamp Supplies:
  • Lighthouse Vario Professional Packs -- These 25 packs cost less per page and are great for volume users of Vario Pages
  • JBM Open End Glassines -- 10 sizes of open end (short side) glassine envelopes join our existing selection of open side (long side) envelopes
  • Prinz Stamp Mounts in six new sizes: 29, 37, 42 and 43 by 215mm length and 185 and 207 by 265 length
  • Lighthouse Cardboard Approval Cards: 5 Strips 
  • Scott National and Minuteman 2018 supplements are now available but not yet on the website.  We'll try to get them there soon.  In the meantime, we can add them to your orders manually.
New Gaming Supplies:

Newly Released Books Now in Stock:

Previously Published Books Now in Our Inventory:

Key Supplier Update:

Whitman -- Effective February 18, Whitman will increase prices on about 350 items.  The increases range from very little to in some cases doubling.  On average, this is about a 25% increase.  Included in the increase are the coin album line (including albums, pages, and blank binders), folders and maps (including the small blue Whitman and comparable Harris folder lines), currency albums, Harris 2x2 color coded snaplocks, Frosty Edge coin holders, a small number of philatelic items, and a range of accessories (magnifiers, wallets, poly bags).  Not impacted are Cowens flips and pages, Harris/Whitman tubes, books, cardboard storage boxes (slab, 2x2, etc.), Whitman clear 2x2 snaplocks (and multi-hole for year sets, etc.), and most philatellic items.  Normally, we try to stock up and delay our price increase.  However, given the breadth of this increase and the high turn of many of the products we are not able to overstock meaningfully.  As a result, our prices for these items will increase on March 1.  Here is a link to the complete list of price changes showing old MSRP, new MSRP and percent increase.  If you'd like to stock up on Whitman items in advance of the increase, place your orders before March 1 when we adjust our prices.  Whitman is cancelling all of our open backorders on items with price increases.  Thus, any backorders we will after March 1 will be at the new pricing levels.

Dansco -- Dansco continues to under perform.  On our most recent order, we received 44% of what we ordered.  They did, however, release update pages for the Jefferson and Kennedy albums (see new products list above).

Prinz -- Prinz stamp mount prices increased on January 1.  The Scott brand (which is identical except for the branding) did not increase.  As a result we have not passed through this increase.  We will continue to evaluate it and may switch to Scott brand.

Washington Press/White Ace -- Washington Press shut down at the end of 2018.  They only realeased some of the 2017 supplements.  The others will not be printed and there will be no more White Ace production going forward.  Older supplements and existing stock of album parts, pages, binders, etc. may continue to be available for some time.  We have a decent inventory of the older releases available and will continue to try replace it as your orders warrant while they are still available.

Show Schedule:

We will be at one show in February/March:

Wayne will have a coin booth at Baltimore.  Let us know if you’d like to place orders for supplies to be delivered to the show.

Up Next:

March will see the start of Redbook pre-orders.  We'll see some additional stamp supplement releases from Scott and Minkus during the coming month.  Volume 1 of the Scott catalog will release around the first of April.  Until then...

...Best Regards,

Wayne, Karin, Gregg, Robin and Doug

Wizard Coin Supply