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Numis Square Tubes, Cent Size
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Numis Square Tubes, Dime Size
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Numis Tubes

Cleverly named for their “Numis”-matic capabilities, Numis tubes are an industry standard for square coin tubes. Known for their durability and easy stacking, Numis are your go-to coin tubes. Frosted, with push-top caps, Numis tubes are crafted of coin-safe materials to keep your coins well protected for long-term storage.

Round coin tubes are perfectly functional for many uses, but do not offer the extra convenience and protection that securely stacked and stored square coin tubes do. Find just the right coin storage box for your Numis tubes at Wizard Coin Supply. Need help finding the right size in a protective storage box? Ask Razi, our resident Wizard – he delights in helping coin enthusiasts find exactly what they’re looking for.

Numis Coin Tubes are Numis-matically Tubular

Numis coin tubes are available in every coin size, from cents to quarters, small and large dollars, and even medallion size. No matter what type of coin you need to store, you’ll find a Numis coin tube to fit your needs. And we’ll carry it cheaper than any other coin supplier – guaranteed. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive selection of high-quality, affordable numismatic supplies. Wizard carries necessary supplies for beginning coin hobbyists, but experienced collectors and dealers will find everything they need here as well.

Numis Square Tubes Really Stack Up

Get your Numis square tubes, round tubes, wrappers, storage boxes, safety mailers, and all the rest of your coin business or hobby necessities from the folks who love coin collecting as much as you do. Only fellow collectors can truly understand your needs, and your passion for coins.

Our customers have told us that you appreciate our experience and great customer service, and our willingness to go the extra mile to get what you need. But most of all, you know that at heart, we’re just like you – fascinated by the exciting world of coins!