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US Coin Books by Type

King of Eagles
$24.99 $24.99
Grading Guide for Early American Coppers
$54.95 $49.99
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The Half Cent, 1793-1857: The Story of America's Greatest Little Coin
$125.00 $99.99
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Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Half Cents 1793-1857
$75.00 $56.29
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US Large Cents 1793-1814
$125.00 $119.99
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The Flying Eagle and Indian Cents Attribution Guide, Vol 1 & 2, 1856-1909
$250.00 $219.99
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Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Die Varieties
$35.95 $33.99
Product is out of stock
Lincoln Cent Matte Proofs
$33.95 $32.99
Product is out of stock
Two Cent Piece and Varieties
$12.00 $9.00
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The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels
$19.95 $14.99
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Million Dollar Nickels
$26.95 $21.59
Treasure Hunting Liberty Head Nickels
$32.95 $24.69
The Authoritative Reference on Buffalo Nickels
$35.95 $28.79
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Coin Value Books

You might feel like you need to be a wizard to choose the correct coin value books for your needs, since there are so many to choose from.

Not to worry. Each coin book we carry is designed to meet a specific customer need, whether it’s a general information book about the history of coin collecting, an Official Red Book title, or a particular guide for determining the value of certain metals and time periods. No need is too broad or too narrow. You can discover the value of Colonial coins from Vermont, ancient Greek or Roman coins, or simply locate the value designation of the diverse coins in your own collection with a handy reference guide.

Please feel free to contact our resident coin wizard Razi with any questions you may have. He’ll be able to guide you to just the right coin value book for you.

Coin Collector Books

Coin collector books are one of the things we do best at Wizard Coin Supply. Our customers have told us the breadth and quality of our book selection is among the best on the web. As with any of our other coin collection supplies here at Wizard, we carry collector’s books on every level, from beginners to professional coin dealers.

At other websites, it can be daunting to locate just the book you’re looking for. But at Wizard our easy search categories (reference guides, denominations, counterfeit detection, coin price guides, coin grading, cleaning coins, etc) make it simple to narrow down your search and find just the right addition to your collector’s library.