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State Quarter Holders and Capsules

Whitman Quarter Snaplock, 2x2
$0.99 $0.79
Air-Tite Holder - Ring Style - 24mm
$1.15 $1.04
Capital Holder - Quarter, 2x2
$6.50 $5.19
Capital Holder - Quarter, 2.5x2.5
$5.60 $4.49
Capital Holder - Quarter, 2x3
$7.30 $5.89
Capital Holder - Quarter, 3.3x3.3
$10.40 $8.39

State Quarter Coin Holders

Everyone’s looking for state quarter coin holders now. Collecting all 50 state quarters has become a popular pastime, and we offer a wide variety of the perfect display holders for showing them to your coin collecting friends. With the expansion of the program to 56 coins to include the District of Columbia and the Territories, Wizard has added the additional albums, folders, holders and supplemental pages required to keep your collection up to date.

Try our best-selling US Mint State Quarter Folder, with 100 holes for showing off both Philadelphia and Denver mints. The coins fit snugly into the slots, and are visible from the state side for convenient viewing.

Or if you haven’t quite completed the entire 50-state set yet, try a five-slot state quarter Whitman coin holder, perfect for displaying a complete year of state quarters.

Our coin wizards have traveled far and wide to bring you the widest assortment of coin collection supplies, and our array of state quarter coin holders is a perfect example. We carry everything you could possibly want for your state quarter collection.

Capital Plastics is one of our most sought-after brands, and offers the largest selection of high-quality coin holders in the industry. Try their Meteor snap-together holder with 10 holes for a complete P and D year of state quarters, or the unique 13-hole Galaxy snap-together style for holding state quarters of the 13 original colonies.

For your kids’ coin collecting entertainment, or if you simply enjoy adding a fun, educational twist to your state quarter collection, take a look at the Littleton Folder State Quarters Display map. This colorful state-by-state map can help your children learn their states as they collect the quarters, and shows which year each state quarter was minted. The map folds closed to a compact book size for easy storage.

Rest assured that no matter what you have in mind for storing your collection of state quarters, Wizard Coin Supply has it in stock – or we’ll find it for you – from the name brands you trust, at prices you can afford.