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Silica Gel Unit (40 Grams)
$11.25 $8.39
Silica Gel Unit (200 Grams)
$13.50 $10.09
Silica Gel Unit (450 Grams)
$22.00 $16.49
Silica Gel Unit (750 Grams)
$62.00 $46.49
Silica Gel Unit (900 Grams)
$35.00 $26.29

Hydrosorbent Silica Gel

Rely on our Hydrosorbent Silica Gel products that last a lifetime, and prevent moisture damage before it starts! Silica gel granules take unseen moisture right out of the air. Hydrosorbent silica gel is the smart way to prevent coin corrosion, because it’s non-toxic, stain-free and vaporless. When placed in enclosed spaces, the units eliminate the humidity that creates condensation and harms your valuable collection. Help to protect coins against rust, tarnishing, oxidation, fungus, staining, and toning with the right silica gel product for your storage space. Choose from a full selection of our hydrosorbent silica units in a range of sizes for large, medium and compact storage areas. Whether you have coins, stamps, documents, or other collectibles in a display case, safe, or closet, hydrosorbent silica gel is the effective and affordable way to prevent damage from dampness. In our commitment to offering coin preservation supplies, we also offer out of this world savings on coin tools and safe handling accessories.

Shield Valuables from Dampness with Silica Gel for Your Coin Collection

As you store important collectibles, shield them from the harmful effects of moisture with silica gel for your coin collection. Each of our silica gel products draws humidity from the air to help defend your coin collection from environmental damage. Protect irreplaceable coins and other valuables from harmful effects with non-toxic silica gel canisters and cartons, available in sizes to accommodate a variety of storage areas. To maintain drier conditions over time, periodically check the unit indicators. They’re color-coded to signal when reactivation is required, and this process is done easily in a conventional oven. We understand caring for your coins is a top priority. In addition to ordering silica gel for coin collections, you may also want to see our discounted Air Tite displays.