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Mint and Proof Set Boxes

Heavy Duty Mint Set Box
$7.95 $5.99
Heavy Duty Proof Set Box
$7.95 $5.99
Lighthouse Logik Archive Storage Box
$46.95 $39.89

Mint Set Coin Boxes for the Perfect Display

Like all of the products offered at Wizard, our mint set coin boxes are carefully crafted by the best names in the business to make sure your mint sets are stored safely and displayed attractively.

For extra coin protection, choose the Intercept-Shield proof/mint set box, which provides the company’s patented Corrosion Shield technology, neutralizing corrosive gases in the air before they come into contact with your coins.

We understand that each of our customers is a fellow coin enthusiast, and we want you to feel well taken care of at Wizard Coin Supply. You’ll know that you are selecting your essentialcoin collection supplies from a company who cares about coins as much as you do. Not only that, but our price-matching guarantee means you won’t find better deals anywhere else!

Coin Proof Boxes Prove Wizard’s Devotion to Quality

We wizards have done our careful research to provide you, our valued customers, with the newest technology in coin safety and preservation with our selection of coin proof boxes. The durable, long-term Intercept Shield storage boxes have undergone scientific testing to prove their ability to house your proof sets safely. Whether you need to preserve mint sets, proof sets, BU rolls, or any other type of coins, we have the boxes for you.

With trusted brand names like Whitman, Lighthouse, and Intercept-Shield, you can relax knowing your most treasured coins are in the best of hands. You’ll be able to focus your energy on what you love to do most: growing your collection.

Our loyal customers know that we don’t sell products we wouldn’t personally endorse, as we’re seasoned collectors ourselves. The quality items offered at Wizard Coin Supply speak for themselves, but just in case, our customer service representatives will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.