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Slab/Crown Coin Boxes

Whitman Double Row Slab/Crown Box
$9.99 $7.49
Product is out of stock
Heavy Duty Single Row Slab/Crown Box
$6.30 $4.69
Guardhouse Slotted Slab Storage Box
$11.95 $9.59
BCW Slotted Display Slab Box
$9.49 $7.09
PCGS Plastic Slab Box 20 Coin
$8.05 $6.39
PCGS Plastic Slab Box 20 Coin (Used)
$7.25 $3.99
NGC Plastic Slab Box 20 Coin -- Silver
$19.99 $15.99
NGC Plastic Slab Box 20 Coin -- Red
$21.99 $17.59
Lighthouse Intercept PCGS/NGC Track Box
$19.95 $16.99
Intercept Shield ANACS Track Box
$14.95 $11.29
Intercept Shield Single Row White Box
$12.95 $9.79

Coin Slab Boxes

You may already have your most valuable, certified coins preserved in coin slabs. If not, we suggest contacting one of the premier organizations for grading and slabbing coins, like the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Once your prized collection items are encapsulated in a protective “slab,” Wizard Coin Supply will help you with your coin slab storage and display needs. We carry the popular Intercept Shield brand protective slab covers and boxes, which will gently and safely house your certified slab. Each protective cover offers Intercept’s special neutralizing agents which cleanse the air directly surrounding your coin’s slab, thereby giving you an extra layer of care and protection.

You can rest assured that our resident coin wizards have done their homework so that we may bring you the very finest quality slab boxes from the coin collecting world. Yet we also pride ourselves on finding the best prices and passing them on to our valuable customers. We make it so easy and rewarding to shop at Wizard Coin Supply – it’s like magic!

Coin Slab Boxes to House Your Treasures

It’s just about impossible to beat the wide selection and value pricing of the coin slab boxes found at Wizard.

Find your favorite brands here. Whitman, Guardhouse, Intercept Shield, NGC, and PGCS all offer well-designed, professional-grade slab coin storage boxes, in a variety of materials and colors. All of the coin slab boxes are constructed to ensure a safe, protected environment for your most precious coins. We guarantee that whatever you’re searching for, we have it or we’ll find it for you at Wizard Coin Supply.

For the more advanced collector, Wizard is your one-stop shop for precision numismatic tools, like coin magnifiers and premium-grade coin tongs.

We know that you take your passion for coins seriously. But at the same time, shopping at Wizard Coin Supply, with its delightful assortment of everything a coin enthusiast could possibly want, should be a pleasure. Enjoy browsing our site, and please let Razi, our resident coin collecting wizard, know if they can be of any assistance. We love to talk coins here at Wizard.