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Secret Potion Coupon Code

Discount Coin Supplies

From time-to-time, we make available special offers to select groups of customers. Sometimes these offers require a code for redemption while other offers are automatically applied in your shopping cart without the necessity of entering a coupon code.

We currently advertise our special offers and Secret Potion Coupon Codes in three different ways:

  • Join Our Mailing List--to make sure you receive our special offers, sign up for our email mailing list using the box at the bottom of the page on our website.
  • Like us on Facebook--Connect with us on Facebook to receive special offers just for our Facebook fans.
  • Wizard Coin Supply Print Ads--Watch for our print ads in The Numismatist, Coin World, Numismatic News and other numismatic publications for special offers and Secret Potion Coupon Codes.

With our Secret Potion Coupon Codes our already low prices become even more Magical!

Note:  We do not share coupon codes with internet shopping, coupon and discount sites.  If you see reference to a coupon or discount on one of these sites, it is made up by them and will not work on our site.