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Lighthouse Optima Coin Motif Album
$46.95 $39.89
Lighthouse Coin Album for 200 Coins
$29.95 $25.49

Lighthouse Coin Albums Stand Out on the Shelf

Lighthouse coin albums carry the Lighthouse quality of craftsmanship and coin care that this brand is known for.

The versatile Lighthouse leatherette Grande F 3-ring style binders can fit 20 to 30 pages of Lighthouse certified coin album pages, A4 sheets, Lighthouse M 20 K sheets, or other 3-ring pages. The Grande style albums with matching slipcases will make a sharp, attractive addition to any coin display library.

For storage and display of Presidential Dollars and State Quarter collections, check out the Lighthouse brand hand-crafted specialty coin albums. With its signature dark blue cover, each of these Lighthouse coin album boasts hand-stitched seams and reinforced binder spines, guaranteed to give your coins years of lasting protection. With corresponding pages sized for Presidential Dollars or the popular State Quarter albums, each one comes with a handsome matching blue slipcase, sure to add a level of distinction to your album collection.

Lighthouse Coin Supplies Lead the Way

The Lighthouse company has been leading the way in quality philatelic supplies since 1917, and they have continued their commitment to quality with Lighthouse coin supplies. You can trust this brand name to care for the most valuable of your coins.

The Lighthouse brand one-of-a-kind certified coin pages are the industry standard for certified coins album storage. The pages themselves have a snap-close mechanism that keeps your certified coins protected yet available for easy viewing and safe transport.

The company is also known for its wide size selection of coin capsules for storage or display. With 41 sizes from 14mm to 62mm, there is a Lighthouse coin capsule for virtually any size coin or medal. Made of scratch-proof, sturdy acrylic, the capsules lock securely yet open easily.

Trust your collection to other fine Lighthouse products, such as their storage and display boxes for coin holders, coin magnifiers, and cleaning fluids for copper, silver, or gold.

The aptly-named Lighthouse company will serve as your guide and lead you to the finest quality products for your collection.