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Lighthouse Euro Catalog
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Gold Coins of the World
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North American Coins & Prices 2019
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Discovering America
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The 2019 Charlton Coin Guide
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Coins of Canada
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The Coin Collector's Field Guide
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The Practical Book of Cobs
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Coins of Northern Europe & Russia
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Foreign Coin Price Guide

A foreign coin price guide is a good place to start if you are thinking of expanding your collection into foreign coins or if you already have foreign coins that you have been unable to identify or value. A foray into foreign coin pricing can be an overwhelming experience. When you consider the many countries and regions of the world, each with its own coin and currency history, you begin to understand the magnitude of such an undertaking.

The best approach is to isolate the areas of the world where your foreign coins may have originated (or where you would like to start collecting) and go from there. If you are not sure of the best references for foreign coins, please take a moment to ask Razi, our resident foreign coin wizard. Our dedicated staff is standing by to help you.

World Coin Books

At, we have a large selection of world coin books, including every edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins by Krause and Mishler. Generally considered the industry standard for world coin pricing and information, each edition is loaded with pictures and pricing information for coins from around the world and throughout history.

Foreign Coin Prices

Foreign coin prices are often more difficult to determine than those of U.S.-minted coins. With so many countries and so many historical periods to consider, a good place to start is a comprehensive foreign coin price guide. We have a great selection of foreign coin price guides and other coin books at Our price matching policy guarantees that you will never pay more when you buy from us.