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Quarter Coin Books

If you own an early quarter, we have the reliable references to help you determine its value. Our quarter coin books include the analysis of early quarter dollars, categorized according to the year. Find out about rarity, mintage, and varieties of early quarters. Go back in time to study the rare 1823 and 1827 quarters. Charts and large color photos of die marriages in the quarter’s early years will be your guide. Our coin value books include updated official editions and newly compiled publications with material that has never been published before. Delve into quarter patterns, private re-strikes, and error coins by turning the pages of a quarter coin book. If you are more interested in the later quarters, we carry the U.S. Mint State Quarter Handbook and a complete coin guidebook to both the Washington quarter series.

Quarter Coin Guides Reveal Enlightening Information and Valuable Tips

It’s called the most popular coin in the U.S., and if you’re collecting it, you’re in good company. As you build a quarter collection, enlightening quarter coin guides serve as the perfect partners. We carry the authoritative references on Barber Quarters, minted from 1892-1916, as well as valuable guides on Standing Liberty Quarters, issued from 1916 to 1930. It’s easier to evaluate your Barber or Standing Liberty coinage with guide information organized by date and mintmark. Many of our quarter coin guides share inclusive year-by-year analysis, variety details, error information, pricing data, and collecting advice. For those who took part in the highly popular 50 State Quarters’ program, we carry the definitive state quarter coin guide that discusses the history of the designs, grading hints, mint errors and investment potential. The dedicated collectors of state quarters also can conveniently order any albums, maps and folders they need from our site.