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Coin Folders and Collecting Boards

Coin folders and collecting boards, reminiscent of the past, are perfect for the collector who is pinching pennies on a budget or saving up for that one special coin. They’re practical, yet attractive enough to provide a nice display for your collection. Many collectors prefer to keep their coins in basic folders differentiated by denomination. Wizard Coin Supply carries all of your favorite name brands like Whitman, Harris, and Dansco. We’re your one-stop online shop for all of your numismatic supplies – plus we’re just as passionate about coin collecting as you are.

Whitman Coin Collecting Boards

Whitman coin collecting boards can be credited with making coin collecting an accessible pastime for the layperson. Before the Whitman company issued these simple yet sturdy boards in the 1930s, everyday collectors had no affordable means of displaying their cherished coins. Now, Whitman is reissuing these classic boards for wheat cents and Buffalo nickels. Add a nostalgic, historic flavor to your coin display by including one of these very special coin folders in your collection.

Kid’s Coin Folders

Coin collecting is the perfect hobby for a child, and with Wizard’s kids’ coin folders, they’ll have an affordable, eye-pleasing way to display their new treasures. Children have a natural curiosity, and they’ll be fascinated by the world of numismatics. It’s so fun they won’t realize they’re learning math, history, and even some science when studying coins. Try the “Coin Count-y” kids’ coin folder for young children, and watch your children learn the value of different coins as they follow the story and save $20.00 in the process. For a perfect gift for the new parent, check out Wizard’s keepsake birth year coin albums.

Many of our simple coin folders are ideal for kids’ coin collecting. Whitman blue coin folders are durable, handsome, and inexpensive, appealing to the young collector on a budget.