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Lindner 1-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner 2-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner 3-Pocket Pages--10 pack
$37.50 $33.79
Lindner Coin Cleaner
$20.25 $18.19
Lindner Coin Cleaning Dip -- Gold
$22.00 $19.79
Lindner Coin Cleaning Dip -- Silver
$22.00 $19.79
Lindner ERNI Stamp Remover
$25.00 $22.49
Lindner ERNI A Mildew Stain Remover
$26.50 $23.89
Product is out of stock
Lindner ERNI B Mildew Stain Remover
$26.50 $23.89
Product is out of stock
Lindner Philatelic Sleeves -- US Covers
$17.50 $15.79

Lindner Coin Supplies

We know that every collector has his or her favorite trusted brand for coin collection supplies, so we carry a broad selection of the finest names in the business, like Harris, Dansco, Whitman, and Lindner coin supplies.

Use the Lindner brand coin cleaner before using coin dips to remove dirt and oils from gold, silver, copper, nickel, brass, and iron. With a trusted name like Lindner, you can have confidence that your coins will be effectively cleaned and cared for without causing any damage or devaluing your collection.

If you’re a novice numismatist, check out the top-notch pamphlet by the Lindner company, which explains in an easy-to-understand format the delicate process of cleaning your coins.

As collectors ourselves, we understand that every product that comes into contact with your coins must be of superior quality and made by a reliable company. When it comes to cleaning coins, your choice must be made carefully, because an inferior product can cause damage to the metals.

Fortunately for our valued customers, the wizards here have done their homework so that you can relax, knowing that each item we carry has been approved by experienced and devoted collectors just like yourself.

Lindner Paper Money Albums for Elegant Display

Lindner paper money albums have a timeless, classic look, yet the modern design of the interior pages makes them extremely convenient to work with. Banknotes are inserted into transparent strip sleeves which slide easily into the display pages and can then be viewed from either side.

Each Lindner currency album comes complete with 10 pages to get you started, and each page is easily removable so that you can change the look of your album whenever you wish.

These handsome albums with matching leatherette slipcases will make an excellent addition to your bookshelf or collection display case.