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Lindner Coin Cleaning Dip -- Silver


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Simply immerse the coin in the solution for a few minutes. Remove the coin from the solution, wash off with tap water and dab dry with a soft cloth. Also works for most gold and silver jewelry.

Manufacturer's Use Instructions:

Soiled coins should always be cleaned with the Lindner Coin Cleaner before being dipped in the coin bath. Place the oxidized (tarnished) gold coins individually into the dipping tray of the of the coin cleaning dip and submerge in the fluid. Leave the coins in the tray for no longer than 2 minutes. The ideal method is to use coated coin tweezers, with which the coins can be swung in the water back and forth, until a result sets in. Strongly tarnished coins can be dipped from 3 to 5 minutes. In this time all the oxides should have dissolved. In extremely persistent cases, the dipping time can be extended without hesitation. To thoroughly rinse the coins, remove the dipping tray with coin from the bottle and hold under running, lukewarm water. Then rub the coin with a soft cloth.  

The LINDNER coin cleaning dip keeps the coins matt without leaving a “fool’s glow”. This coin cleaning dip is exclusively for silver coins. Gold, copper, nickel and bronze coins can be cleaned with other Lindner Coin Cleaning Dips.

Very old silver coins (antique, medieval) from excavations, can be bathed for up to 30 minutes. Drip some of the cleaning fluid onto possibly remaining dirt and rub off with a rubber sponge. Dip shortly once more, rinse under running, lukewarm water and dry.   Caution: Not suitable for soft stones and metals other than silver.

Note: Soiled coins not only look unattractive but can even lessen the worth of even a well-kept coin collection.

Safety precautions:
Keep content out of children’s reach! Do not bring into contact with eyes, skin or mucous membranes. After skin contact: Rinse with warm water. If skin irritation continues, consult a doctor. After eye contact: Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor. After swallowing: Rinse out mouth and then drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting; call for medical help immediately.

Safety notice: May be corrosive to metal. Do not let chrome sinks come into contact with this fluid!  Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause respiratory irritation. Keep only in original container. Absorb spillage to prevent material damage.   Keep out of reach of children. 

>5% non-ionic detergent, mineral acids, alcohol, sulphur compounds, perfume, coloring aids.

Ingredients: 1-3% propan-2-ol, 1-3% citric acid, 1-3% hydrochloric acid UN 1789, <1% thiourea.

Size: 8.45 fl oz (250 ml) or 12.68 fl oz (375 ml)
Safety Data Sheet: Safety Data Sheet

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