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Coin Collecting for Kids

For kids, coin collecting can be a great way to learn about coins while sharing time with adults and other children who also enjoy the hobby. One of the best things about coin collecting for kids is that it is completely accessible to children of all ages, abilities and incomes. A great coin collection for kids does not necessarily have to include high-priced coins. Coins pulled from circulation (like state quarters and presidential dollars) and coins passed down from parents and grandparents can make for the start of a great coin collection for a child.

At, we have introduced our kids to the world of coin collecting and we want to help you do the same. If you have a child in your life who you think might enjoy a coin collection, we can help you get started today. We have an array of coin folders and coin books geared toward kids who are just starting to understand coins and their collection. Take a look around our site and please contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help our customers introduce their children to coin collecting.

Coin Collecting for Kids

Is coin collecting for kids? Absolutely! This is especially true under the guidance of a knowledgeable adult who takes the time to introduce a young numismatist to the process of identifying and organizing the coins that they see every day. As children begin to understand that coins have value beyond their face value, they will naturally want to learn more about older coins and why certain coins are worth more than others. Exploring and explaining the fundamentals of numismatics can be great fun for kids and adults alike. Even the most seasoned coin collectors often delight in explaining the simplest concepts to children who are interested in their hobby.

Kids Coin Collecting Supplies

Some of the best kids’ coin collecting supplies are those that educate and encourage kids to stick with their new hobby. Many coin folders and coin books for young numismatists come with illustrations and easy-to-read text that makes coin collecting fun and understandable. As a child’s interest in coin collecting grows, they can move on to more advanced coin collecting supplies and coin storage products.