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Kontains are widely regarded as one of the best ways to protect and preserve the value of any coin collection, but especially individual coins of exceptional value. E&T Kointainer, the manufacturer of Kointains, has been a leading manufacturer of non-pvc coin holders for valuable coins since the 1940s.

Kointains are made of plastics that have been proven safe for long-term contact with coins. The unique convex design of Kointains means that only the edges of the Kointainers actually come in contact with the coin. Through decades of continued use, Kointains have provided uncompromised protection for some of the most valuable coin collections in the world.

The Best Collections Use Kointainers

Kointains are made of very thin plastic that is almost invisible when placed around your coins. Because of this and their impeccable reputation and proven effectiveness, Kointainers are the coin storage and protection solution for leading museum numismatic collections, including the National Numismatic Collection in the Smithsonian Institution. You will not find a stronger endorsement than that. If you are looking for museum-quality protection in your coin displays, Kointains is the answer. For those who want a thicker capsule, try Air-Tite holders, Lighthouse Capsules or Coin Safe Capsules.