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Coin Magnifiers and Loupes

Bausch & Lomb Packette Magnifier 5X
$11.59 $8.69
Bausch & Lomb General Purpose Scale
$47.39 $35.49
Bausch & Lomb Inch Scale
$47.39 $35.49
Bausch & Lomb Metric Scale
$47.39 $35.49
Bausch & Lomb Protractor Scale
$47.39 $35.49
Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Loupe 7X
$55.79 $41.79
Bausch & Lomb Coddington Loupe 10X
$36.39 $27.29
Product is out of stock
Bausch & Lomb Coddington Loupe 14X
$39.79 $29.79
Bausch & Lomb Coddington Loupe 20X
$43.89 $32.89
Product is out of stock
Bausch & Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier 4X+5X=9X
$29.09 $21.79
Product is out of stock
Bausch & Lomb Handheld LED Magnifier (4 Inch Round)
$47.99 $35.99
Product is out of stock
Bausch & Lomb 2x4 Rectangular Handheld LED Magnifier
$33.29 $24.99
Product is out of stock

Coin Magnifiers That Help You Evaluate Your Collection

Coin magnifiers or coin loupes are essential tools when evaluating the quality of your coins or attributing varieties. When grading a coin, a coin magnifying glass enables you to see fine details as well as any imperfections that may exist. For the purposes of coin grading, the American Numismatic Association suggests magnification of between 5X and 10X. The right coin magnifiers are important tools for serious collectors.

Coin Magnifying Glasses and Coin Loupes on Sale offers a large selection of coin magnifying glasses and coin loupes at discounts far below suggested retail prices. We have small, handheld coin magnifiers as well as binocular headband magnifiers that allow for hands-free inspection of your coins. Regardless of the magnification you are seeking, we can help you find what you need.

Coin magnifiers and coin loupes allow collectors to view their coins in ways that are not possible with the naked eye. Whether you are grading and evaluating coins in your collection or you are simply admiring the details of your favorite coins, a coin magnifying glass is the tool of choice for most collectors.