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Metal Test Acids

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Gold Test (Black) Stone - 2x1.5
$9.59 $8.19
Gold Test (Black) Stone - 2x3
$10.99 $8.99
Gold Test (Arkansas) Stone - 2.5x1.5
$34.99 $26.99
Economy Gold Test Stone - Glass
$4.99 $3.99
Gold Test Acid - 10k
$2.55 $2.79
Gold Test Acid - 14k
$2.55 $2.79
Gold Test Acid - 18k
$2.55 $2.79
Gold Test Acid - 22k
$2.80 $2.79
Silver Test Acid
$2.55 $2.79
Platinum Test Acid
$2.80 $2.79
Test Acid Neutralizer
$6.95 $5.99
Gold Test Needles, 3 (10k, 14k, 18k)
$64.50 $42.39
Gold Test Kit
$56.90 $44.99
Product is out of stock
Mizar M24 Testing Solution Refill
$43.00 $32.99

Metal Test

If you want to find out if your coins are up to snuff, nothing beats our metal tests. Determine the levels of precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum in your coins with our test kits, needles and stones.

The test acids act differently for various metals. A dissolving of the test rub or a change in color indicates the levels of metals in your coins. All of our test acids are contained in safety bottles and come with instructions for use.

Remember to handle your coins as little as possible, using coin tongs or light cotton gloves whenever possible, and after testing keep your coins safe in our kointains cases, mylar flips, or protected coin storage boxes.

Get to Know Your Coins with a Metal Testing Kit

It’s simpler when ordering supplies for metal testing to find them all together in a metal testing kit. These kits contain everything you’ll need for basic metal testing, including test acids in a variety of metal karats, touchstones, and testing needles.

Wonder no more at the content of your coins, as the various methods for determining levels of metals and karats will soon tell you exactly what you’ve got on your hands. Testing will help in grading your collection, and aid in separating fraudulent or lesser-value coins from genuine collector’s items.

The upkeep of a fine collection can be hard work, but it should be fun as well. We hope that our broad selection of coin collection supplies, combined with “magically” low prices and our eager wizard support staff make your shopping experience an efficient yet pleasurable one.