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Mylar Coin Flips

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Saflips - 2x2
$13.75 $9.59
Saflips - 2.5x2.5
$19.25 $13.49
Coretek Double Pocket Flips - 2x2
$10.75 $9.09
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Coretek Double Pocket Flips - 2.5x2.5
$13.75 $11.69
Inserts For Two Pocket Flips - 2x2
$2.75 $2.09

Mylar coin flips are a great way to display and organize individual coins in your collection. Mylar is an outstanding protective material for your coins and is proven safe for long-term storage and contact with your coins. Soft vinyl (or "plastic") coin flips may contain PVC, which can harm the metal in your coins if they are exposed to it for long periods of time. Using non-vinyl or mylar coin flips is a great way to ensure that your coins are safe while being displayed or while being stored.

Mylar Flips at Discount Prices offers some of the deepest discounts available on non-vinyl and mylar coin flips. Using the correct display and coin storage materials for your collection will help you balance keeping your collection available to view and enjoy while also protecting the coins in your collection from damage through mishandling or improper storage. Mylar coin flips are a great way to ensure that your coins are protected while being accessible and easily viewable. If you have any questions about the right mylar flips for your coin collection, please ask Razi, our coin collection wizard. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.