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Silica Gel

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Silica Gel Unit (40 Grams)
$11.25 $8.39
Silica Gel Unit (200 Grams)
$13.50 $10.09
Silica Gel Unit (450 Grams)
$22.00 $16.49
Silica Gel Unit (750 Grams)
$62.00 $46.49
Silica Gel Unit (900 Grams)
$35.00 $26.29

Hydrosorbent Silica Gel Desiccant

A temperature and humidity controlled environment is the ideal place for your coins. Hydrosorbent Silica Gel Desiccant takes the moisture right out of the air and gives you humidity control within your storage areas. Use silica gel to protect your investments in coins, currency and other valuables. We stock different weight units of gel desiccant, from 40 to 900 grams, which can be reactivated and will last a lifetime. For the best results, place these products in tightly enclosed locations, so they can drink up the humidity in that specific space. The largest units protect larger areas, such as the space in vaults and closets. Other gel units can go into lockers, safes and coin cabinets. Smaller silica gel canisters are used in drawers, boxes, and other small spaces. We carry higher grade desiccants used by government and industry to stop condensation in enclosed areas.

All of our hydrosorbent silica gel desiccants come with built-in indicators that turn from blue to pink, signaling the need for reactivation. Once the gel becomes saturated, it’s simple to reactivate for continued protection. Our silica gels feel dry even when saturated. These moisture-absorbing units maintain the environments that are a priority for committed collectors. Coins exposed to damp air show signs of oxidization. On exposed copper coins, you see carbon spots and color changes, and on silver, you’ll notice tarnish. Also, be sure to place your collection pieces in the right coin holders before storing, including coin capsules or frames. Silica gel is non-toxic and safe, with no vapors. It fights off rust, corrosion, tarnish, oxidation, toning, and spotting. It guards against mildew and mold. Stop moisture issues before they start! Dry the air where you store collectables.