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Coin Roll Boxes

Cent Tube Storage Box (Red)
$9.60 $7.19
Nickel Tube Storage Box (Blue)
$9.60 $7.19
Dime Tube Storage Box (Green)
$9.60 $7.19
Quarter Tube Storage Box (Orange)
$9.60 $7.19
Quarter Tube Storage Box (Blue)
$7.99 $6.29
Product is out of stock
Half Dollar Tube Storage Box (Brown)
$9.60 $7.19
Large Dollar Tube Storage Box (Tan)
$9.60 $7.19
Aluminum Roll Tray -- Dimes -- Green
$7.21 $4.79
MMF Cent Roll Storage Box (Red)
$4.10 $3.09
Product is out of stock

Coin Roll Storage

Compact, Attractive Coin Roll Storage

Coin roll storage just got a whole lot easier with Wizard Coin Supply. We make it simple for you to store large numbers of rolled coins in attractive yet functional protective coin storage boxes.

Consider using square coin tubes for extra protection. Or try the Harris round tubes, made of sturdy polystyrene with non-pvc polypropylene screw-on caps. Coin Safe coin tubes are designed to accommodate paper coin rolls, and add an additional layer of defense against environmental degradation.

Our coin wizards have spent years of research and considerable combined expertise to find the very best items for our valued customers – so you don’t have to.

Coin Roll Boxes are so Versatile

We offer coin roll boxes for every conceivable type of coin. If you need to store paper-rolled coins, Wizard’s heavy duty chipboard boxes are coded to the American Banking Association’s standard denomination colors for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and more.

Or try the versatile thumb-cut tube storage boxes – also color coded – that will hold square coin tubes, round tubes, or wrapped paper rolls. You’ll be amazed at the capacity of these durable, compact boxes.

For extra protection from corrosive elements, nothing beats Intercept Shield storage products. Each box made by this company is lined with the patented Intercept-Shield material, which effectively cleans and neutralizes the air surrounding your coins and their holders.

We’d like your time at Wizard to echo your positive experiences with coin collecting. Even if it’s for business, we hope your online shopping trip here is a pleasure.