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Coin Price Guide

Need a better understanding of rare coin pricing methodology?  Trying to value a collection?  Wondering if that coin for sale is a good deal? 

Coin pricing is not as simple as just looking up a coin in a price guide like one would look up a stock price in the Wall Street Journal.  But we can still help take some of the mystery out of coin pricing. 

No one can keep all of the coin prices, for all of the grades in their head.  Even if a few can be committed to memory, coin prices can change frequently with fluctuations in the rare coin and bullion markets.  A coin price guide is a great starting point for determining coin prices.   But, there can be wide ranges in coin prices reflected in coin price guides depending on their intended use and audience.    See our Guide to Coin Price Guides to help understand the differences between the various published price guides for US Coins.

Rare coin dealers make rare coins more liquid by being available buyers for coins.  They also are resources for collectors seeking to add coins to their collection.  The margin earned and costs incurred by coin dealers for their services as middlemen in the coin market dictates the spread between buy and sell -- or wholesale and retail -- prices.  What’s in the Dealer’s Margin? will help determine where in this range a particular coin might fall.

Coin Pricing Caveats will point out some of the nuances of coin pricing and help fine tune your understanding of coin pricing. 

Finally, if you need help from a professional to appraise or evaluate a coin or collection, Find a Local Coin Dealer.