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Warman Coin Folders

See the design of a nation through the features of U.S. coins. Choose Warman Coin Folders for your educational and storage needs. They are a safe method of organizing and displaying coins from eras in U.S. history. Collectors of every age and experience level enjoy using Warman coin folders with their appealing backdrops. They’re quality folders with interesting details on the coin and its specifications. Coin folders are available for the state quarters, Lincoln cents, Washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes, Jefferson nickels, and Kennedy half dollars. Order your folders according to the dates your coins were issued. Kennedy half dollars from 1964-1986 would go into one folder, while the 1987-2008 series would be in a separate folder. Coin history unfolds as a Warman folder opens. Learn the information behind the coin, such as how the Roosevelt dime symbolized a presidential campaign to raise money for polio research. The dime folders are larger than average and feature die-cut openings, as do many Warman folders.

Warman Folders Strikingly Showcase Celebrated Coins

Warman Folders make distinguished showcases for the presidential gold dollars. They are the perfect place for celebrated quarters, cents, and half dollars. The legendary Kennedy half dollars are a tradition and deserve an attractive, three-panel coin folder. The classic Lincoln cents of the early 1900s can be secure in a folder marking their unique features. Well-made collector’s folders by Warman allow you to display a complete series, teach children about coin collecting, or share a coin’s history with a fellow collector. Deluxe Warman folders may be available for state quarters and presidential dollars. If you need coin albums or reliable coin storage look to a site where the wave of a wizard’s wand means lower prices.